Payment Options

The two most common payment options are:

1. Payment in Full

The fee for comprehensive treatment may be paid in full at the commencement of the treatment and is then subject to a reduction of 5%.  This may also aid in the claiming of a portion of the fee as a tax deduction and will not affect your rebate with most private health insurers.

2. Instalment Payment Plan:

a) Initially approximately 25% of the fee is to be paid at the time of commencing treatment.

b) Residual 75% is to be paid in regular instalments.

Payments are spread for your convenience and do not specifically relate to the work carried out in any month.

3. Health Funds:

If you think you are eligible for a rebate from your private health fund you will need to present our Treatment Report and Financial Plan letters to the fund to ascertain your rebate entitlement. All accounts and receipts will normally be sent or emailed to you to facilitate claiming from your private health fund.

All accounts and original receipts will have item numbers to help you claim from your health fund. Duplicate receipts are not permitted to have item numbers on them. Please keep your original treatment letters and accounts handy and take them with your receipts to the health fund to help you make a claim.

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