Adolescent Orthodontics

An ideal time for orthodontic care

Adolescence is the ideal time to commence comprehensive orthodontic treatment.  All the permanent teeth will be present and the jaws are still growing. This usually means quicker, more efficient and stable treatment. Treatment typically involves the wearing of fixed braces for about eighteen to twenty four months. Sometimes expanders, headgears and other appliances form part of the treatment plan.  

Braces consist of small metal or ceramic (tooth coloured) brackets attached to each tooth. These act like handles by which the teeth can be moved. Luckily, image conscious teens can now choose from a wide variety of options to straighten their teeth, including tooth matching brackets or metal brackets with coloured bands which can make braces a whole lot more fun! Arch wires connect all the brackets together and it is these wires which provide the pressure to align your teeth. Additionally teeth can be moved along these wires to close spaces and correct bites.

Treatment with full braces usually commences between the ages of 12 to 15 years. However, some may start earlier if they are early growers while others may need to wait until their growth has slowed if this has been excessive. An early consultation with a specialist is wise so that planning can be done to utilise the optimum time to achieve the best care for that individual.

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