Lingual Orthodontics

This makes them virtually invisible

Lingual or Invisible Braces are braces attached to the inside or tongue side of your teeth.  This makes the braces virtually invisible and a great alternative for adults.  Lingual braces will usually require custom manufacture to fit the contour of the inside of your teeth.

Although the ability to wear braces and have teeth straightened without anyone knowing is attractive to many people, there are some minor compromises that need to be made.  They are at first a little more uncomfortable than normal braces, and as such the tongue can become sore and speech can be briefly affected.  They are more complicated to fit and adjustments take longer than normal braces.  The extra clinical time and custom manufacture makes this treatment more expensive. Because lingual braces are technically more difficult to adjust and achieve a good result with, we at Hills Orthodontics have made the decision that one of our orthodontists, Dr Ross Adams, will treat most of the lingual cases in our practice. This ensures that patients are being treated by a very experienced 'lingual' clinician commencing a number of such cases each year, rather than just a few. Ross has been interested in and has been delivering lingual orthodontic treatment for over 15 years. He has evaluated most of the lingual bracket systems available and has the experience to recommend and carry out treatment that is most appropriate for individual patients.

Lingual braces can be used to correct your full dentition or simply realign your anterior teeth that may have moved over time. Some patients are not suitable for either of these options or have limitations placed on the results that can be achieved. If you are interested in exploring the possibility of undertaking lingual orthodontics please contact our surgery to organise a consultation with Ross Adams.


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