Tyler Smith

Orthodontic Assistant

Being the daughter of our receptionist Nicki, I was given the opportunity to take up work here as a dental assistant.

After leaving school, I completed my diploma in Beauty Therapy and have been in this industry since 2014. I am fortunate enough to have the flexibility to maintain my clientele from home whilst working part time here at Hills Orthodontics. Although never imagining myself to be in the dental profession, I am thoroughly enjoying working here amongst our friendly staff and patients. 

I am still living in my childhood home where I grew up in Galston with my mum Nicki, my dad Adam and my twin brothers Brennan and Ethan. My family has always loved dogs and we currently have three, Jake, Tyson and Riley. As much as I love my childhood home, I one day would love to live near the beach. The idea of waking up and going down to the beach to take my puppies for a walk sounds like heaven!

I have a very keen interest in wanting to travel the world and see different cultures. So much so, I try to visit a different country each year. I love meeting new people and socialising and have met some fantastic people from different parts of the world so far and can't wait to meet many more!

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