Kerrie Bettison

Dental Hygienist

After spending my first 13 years in Sydney, our family moved to new surroundings in Newcastle where I finished school. It was while at school work experience as a dental assistant that I realised my calling was not to be sitting behind a desk all day. So began my course through life in dentistry.

In 1981, at the age of 18, my first job as a dental assistant was with a lovely lady who introduced me to all aspects of dentistry, from the good, the bad, to the ugly! In 1984, I had an opportunity to go on a working holiday to England, which I enjoyed enormously. With 6 girlfriends we ran amok in London for about 7 months and saw some great sites of Europe as well.

On my return to Australia I was encouraged to enquire about the Dental Hygienist course and was accepted into the course in 1986. I spent a jam packed 18 months in Adelaide studying the numerous subjects entailed in the Dental Hygiene programme and meeting a lot of great "Adelaidians". Since then I have worked in many different types of dental surgeries in Sydney, all of which have given me lots of experience with a variety of duties.

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